Physical Intimidation didn’t work…

…so now Joseph and Mike Makhani are trying legal intimidation.

Today Craig and his team were hard at work building the new tool shed:


Suddenly a man came up and stapled this to the fence:

notice to vacate

In case that’s hard to read, at the top it says “Ten Days Notice to Licensee to Vacate”.

At the bottom it says “If you fail to vacate the premises summary eviction proceedings will be instituted”.

So things are getting more serious.

We are meeting with our lawyers tomorrow afternoon (Sunday Oct 19) to discuss our strategy.   If you are a member of the garden and want to attend, please get in touch for the details.

In case you’re wondering:  YES, we are still having the Pumpkin Smash on November 2.   Please come and show your support for the garden!