The garden was hopping last Sunday!

We did way more than this!

We did way more than this!

There were lots of people here on Sunday!

Margot, Nancy, Jackie, Simone and Ali all brought the baby plants we’ve been tending since February back to the garden.  A lot of them got planted, and some more are sitting on the white tables in the front of the garden until they get a little bigger.  Some of these we’ll also sell in the plant sale on the 31st.

Julia spearheaded an enormous amount of weeding with a lot of help from the kids, Arlene, Bryn and others.  The front of the garden now looks a lot less jungly. They also planted a ton of flowers and shrubs including 4 o’clocks, bougainvillea, swamp milkweed, and a bunch of others. We’ve got a fairly large holly tree waiting to be planted yet till we can dig a deep enough hole down through tough Brooklyn dirt (some of which may be cement!).

Ali, Margot, and Margot’s kids sifted the compost from Bin 1 and put it all into Bed 1 so we can plant tomatoes! That’s the third bin of finished compost we’ve harvested so far this year, with one more full and cooking, and most of another filling. Friends and neighbors, keep on bringing your food scraps. A few months later, and they’re at work bringing up the tomatoes and other stuff we hope you’ll come back to enjoy when we harvest.

Alison came for the first time today and she was a planting machine!  She planted beds 5, 8 and 9 with okra, calaloo, leeks, zucchini, summer squash, watermelon, and cantaloupe, and she put some herbs into bed 3.

Julia, Bryn, Arlene and Ali got tomatoes in beds 1 and 3!  We’re doing them a little differently this year so that they’re trellised instead of in a big thicket. If that works out, it will make them ripen faster, as more fruit will get sun, and it’ll definitely make them easier to pick.  We have a mix of beefsteak, cherry and a bunch of awesome heirloom tomatoes including but not limited to: Brandywine, Amana orange, Violet Jasper, Purple Cherokee. There are a few more varieties still in rehearsal in their pots and trays.

Julia and Ali planted hot peppers, jalepeno and matchbox in bed 2, and there’s still room for the serranos, cayennes, and sweet peppers that need to grow a little bigger before transplanting.

Bryn and Ali transplanted a LOT of baby kale from the crowded rows in bed 11 to more spacious digs in beds 11 and 12, we should be set for kale all summer once they get big.

Julia and Arlene also emptied the scrap bins, a pretty big job these days. We are always looking for volunteers to empty the receiving bins into the compost bins and also to turn the compost so that it cooks faster. Let us know if you’re up for doing this, and we’ll help you hone your shovel-and-pitchfork skills! We’re there every Sunday, and there’s always a wide range of garden activities to be taken care of, up to and including swinging on the rope or admiring how green it all is. Come join us!

Here are some pictures from 5/17/15, so you can judge if we look like we’re having fun.