May 31st Barbecue!


We had a great party, thanks to everyone that came!

We collected $103.26 for our legal defense fund; the money will go to, whose executive director, Paula Segal, is our attorney, and who has been representing us for no fee. Thank you!

State Senator Jesse Hamilton dropped by early in the party, and we filled him in on our situation. He was very supportive, and we will follow up with him. The Galpin family ran a successful lemonade stand out front and collected money for the garden. Thank you, Galpins!

Otherwise, before it began to pour, marshmallows were roasted, hot dogs were eaten, slides were slidden down and ropes swung on, weeds were pulled, and trellises were tied up on some of the beds. Good times, productive work as always among the Maple Street gardeners and our wonderful neighbors.