Lobby the Legislators on 11/22!

Sunday is going to be a great day for sending out letters to legislators, so if you haven’t gotten to this important task yet, please stop by Pels Pies (446 Rogers near Lincoln Rd.)  between 1-3. We’ll buy you a non-alcoholic drink.

Bring your laptop or device if you can, because here’s the drill: we’re going to concentrate on emails to the members of the Senate Rules Committee to lobby for Sen. Hamilton’s bill S 6073 and to members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee to lobby for Assembly Member Richardson’s A 8569. We want to send to everyone on both of those committees, a total of 40+ legislators.
We will share a template letter for you to modify and also the address-listings for those two committees and both pieces of legislation, since we should attach the appropriate bill to each letter. The list of committee members has active links to their email account, so it will just be a matter of pasting in the template and customizing. Not hard, but boring. Even though we’re sending basically the same letter to all of them, it does take a little while to get them all out, so it’ll be more fun to be in good company, with good food available. We’ll be on hand to answer questions.
If this isn’t happening for you tomorrow, please do get these letters off on your own. The more people they hear from, the more seriously they’ll take us. And if you can print letters out and send them by USPS, they’ll take us still more seriously. To obtain the materials mentioned above, please emailtomlafarge@gmail.com.
Otherwise, see you at Pels 1-3!