Write a Letter to Cultural Affairs Committee!

If you want to support the Maple Street Community Garden by writing letters to the state senators and assembly members who will be reviewing the bills introduced by Jesse Hamilton and Diana Richardson, here are some simple instructions, and you’ll find all the materials right here.

1) Personalize each of the two letters (one to assembly, one to senate) by adding your name and address and then, lower down, how you found out about the garden and how you use it (gardening, compost, relaxation, dog run, playground, etc.) and why you think the bill and the garden are important to the community. Sign your name for emails; leave the salutation blank

2) The bill has been referred to the Cultural Affairs committee.  The head of the Committee is Richard Funke (funke@nysenate.gov).  That’s the best person to email.  Or if you can find a committee member who represents your district, definitely email that person.  The committee lists give you the addresses of all the members of the Cultural Affairs committee. Their email addresses are live links that you can use by clicking on them. Copy your letter to that committee, add in the salutation for the senator or the assembly member you’re sending to, attach a copy of the appropriate bill and send.

3) If you can send your letter by USPS ,or prefer to do that, you’ll help us even more. After customizing the letter, print out enough copies of each and as many copies of the appropriate bill. Hand-write in the salutation and your signature. Stuff in an envelope with a copy of the appropriate bill, address the envelope, add a stamp, and mail

Thanks for your support!


State Assembly Support Letter Template

State Senate Support Letter Template



NYS Senate Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks and Recreation Committee