Clean up day, Sunday October 20th! 11am on!

Citizen CommitteeWe are getting a greenhouse!  On October 26, the Citizens Committee for NYC is going to build a hoophouse that will allow us to keep growing into the winter.  If you’d like to learn how to do this, the workshop starts at 10:30am.  Please RSVP to secure your participation and for more info!

BEFORE WE CAN DO THIS, we need area about 20 by 20 feet square, so we need to finish cleaning out the back of the lot the weekend before.  It’s filled with small chunks of cement and trash.

Big Clean-Up!!!!!!!

DATE: Sunday, October 20

TIME: 11am until the job is done

NEEDED:  We could really use a couple of wheelbarrows if anyone can donate theirs for the day.

All are welcome! See you there!